Monday, December 11, 2017


my admiration for all of you who work with linen.i have worked with very fine threads all my weaving life, but they were mostly silk or wool and a bit of cotton as well.
but linen is a different animal; it has a different life and behavior.
so here i am learning about how to handle linen, even in a much thicker grist than what i am used to work with it presents of them the airborne lint that causes me to cough and gives me  a runny nose, japanese cold masks are de rigeur .
 the autodenter works like a good baby! it doesn't cut the threads like it sometimes does to very fine gain!
after a very long bank holiday-almost a week-with no walks, aqua gym,japanese class and ladies who coffee i was able to really troop it. dying to start weaving!and i already have the cakes baked, the xmas dinner made and frozen and the decos up.just need to sit down and make the xmas animated card.woohoo!

neki desu
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Friday, December 08, 2017

new generation

all's well.
have a great weekend!

neki desu
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Thursday, December 07, 2017

another episode of the frugal weaver

threading two meter remnants of the ai silk warp. i have realised that i have traded meters for natural light and this has enabled a revision of my processeses.
one who never makes excuses for not going into the studio and working,i had adequated every part of the process as well as the weaving itself to lack of natural light. working with lights, no matter how well designed the illumination is, had some effect on me.
not only is it more comfortable, it also is more pleasant. there has been a considerable streamlining.
on a very happy note one of my japanese classmates has located a cousin who has a fireplace. happy dance as he is saving the ashes for me. aizome ahead! now i only have to source the milk heating thermos.but that's another post.

neki desu
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